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Clearing the video cache on an iPhone or iPad

When you stream a movie or TV episode over iCloud it caches the video, which eats away at your storage space.

To reclaim this space on your iPhone try either:

  • Going to Settings > General > Usage > Videos and deleting the content
  • or in the Video app, swipe right-to-left against each video to delete the cached content.

Unfortunately, more often than not, this doesn't work: Usage reports there are no videos and swiping is flakey at best.

After much trial and error the best method I've found to clear the cache is simply to sign out of iCloud in the following sections of Settings:

  • iTunes & App Store
  • Music
  • Videos

Open the Videos app and everything should have gone.

Then sign back in and you'll be back to normal.


June 5, 2014